Adult Coloring Book Sample Pages


adult coloring book

2 - Copy

3 - Copy

4 - Copy

5 - Copy

7 - Copy

8 - Copy



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Music Backdrop for Converse Rubber Tracks


converse music,mural art Converse-Music -Mural-Art Converse-Music Converse-Music-Indy-Bands Converse-Music-Toronto Converse-Music-Toronto-Murals

Giant Mural Art backdrop for the Converse Rubber Tracks Toronto Recording sessions! Read more about the project here!

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TCAF in Tokyo








Last November I was lucky enough to take part in the TCAF expedition to Japan and brought my books to the Kaigai Manga Festa海外マンガフェスタ(Tokyo International Comics Festival).The Toronto Comics Art Festival (TCAF) is an annual event held at the Bloor St. Reference Library in downtown T.O. The exhibition features an amazing assortment of independent alternative comic book creators from around the world. The idea is to showcase people working outside the standard comic book genres and conventions such as superheroes in order to explore social, political & personal issues such as class, gender, poetry and biographical issues. In addition to the Toronto event TCAF often travels with the artists to do international expos including events in Tokyo.

It was an amazing experience you can see more pics and read about the TCAF trip here!

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EVIL EMPIRE (& other murals)

murals,graffiti,art,street art,comics,Toronto2015 has been a crazy year for mural making. The picture above is just a sneak peak at the EVIL EMPIRE office mural that I spent the last 4 months working on. The whole project is about 5 times the size revealed in this picture. And if that wasn’t enough I looked back over the past 8 months and realized I’ve been painting walls the whole time! Here’s a quick recap of how I spent my year so far…

murals,graffiti,art,street art,comics,Toronto

A crazy lunchroom mural in the Critical Mass office Toronto

murals,graffiti,art,street art,comics,Toronto

A robotic talisman for SLEEKMACHINE’s new space in Boston

murals,graffiti,art,street art,comics,Toronto

A Canadian themed wall for DEMAC Media located on Toronto’s famous Yonge Street

Toronto,mural art

A giant Toronto Skyline in the Osler Law firm

graffiti,street art, murals

and finally the four exposed stairwells up in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

I was feeling a little down this past week as I started preparing for this years FANEXPO because I noticed that I didn’t have any new comics or drawings to show. However looking back I started to feel a lot better as I have obviously been working my a— off!

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Busy these days…

not much time for art what with the robots & annihilation of the human race and all …

robots, comics,murals,

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Canadian Art New Mural Commission

Canadian Art,mural,artists,graffiti

New Canadian themed mural at the Demac Media Office in downtown Toronto

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Toronto Skyline Mural

Toronto,mural art

Here’s the completed new Toronto Skyline mural at First Canadian Place and some more process photos
Toronto,mural artToronto,mural art

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