HEY APATHY! MONSTER COMIC "ATTACK OF THE CITY MONSTER" 30 x 40 " ink drawing. The metropolitan mayhem conglomerates into an unstoppable and inexplicable force. Made up of all the cars, people, wires, and energy, the city monster rises like a mecha-monstrosity rampaging through the streets. Most often sighted on sunny Saturday's the city Monster envelopes all that is and ever was part of urban existence. This is one of my favourite pieces in the "HEY APATHY!" mythology. It took me about 140 hours to complete , a whole 2 weeks out on the street, and is one of select number of images that I have made into full size digital prints. It's kind of fun too, notice the little blank faced character in the left, I fill him/her in different on the poster prints sort of like a signature. Check out more drawings from this series at

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About heyapathy

HEY APATHY! is an ongoing artistic investigation into the monstrous metropolis, the people, and the mechanics of being. Alternative Comics, surreal ink drawings, strange stories, street painting, murals and animation. Mike Parsons live in Toronto and draws lots of pictures.
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