HEY APATHY! presents MONSTER COMICS! When I was hired to do a series of commissioned portraits for the bizarre wanderer who calls himself BLACKBEARD, I had a feeling something was up. Venturing outside of the City of Gears for the first time in awhile, I'd forgotten how strange things can get. There are trolls under bridges, creatures in the caves, children eating witches and diabolical  condominiums in the suburbs.There is also little doubt that my collegue and patron is up  to something more than he is letting on. Why document these oddities and more peculiar still, why the urgency? Follow All new online monster comic adventures at 

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About heyapathy

HEY APATHY! is an ongoing artistic investigation into the monstrous metropolis, the people, and the mechanics of being. Alternative Comics, surreal ink drawings, strange stories, street painting, murals and animation. Mike Parsons live in Toronto and draws lots of pictures.
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