MONSTER COMICS! Welcome to the city of gears! In this monstrous metropolis the buildings are alive, consuming and groaning at the endless pedestrian and commuter traffic. Here we see the Laughing Billboards as they single out one tiny little anti-hero in order to mock his dreams and ambitions. The subject of their jest has just completed a series of artworks concerning the unsustainable and superficial ideologies predominantly ruling over the citizens of the gear. Despite his most valiant efforts, the megalopolized constructions are quick to remind him that he hasn't really got a chance… When I was a bit younger I started making ink drawings, usually poster sized or slightly larger, depicting the city as a an ominous gear propelled by and endless sea of faceless bubble-people. Over the years I've continued to develop these themes but has since discarded gallery style artworks in favour of published and online comics , with the ultimate goal of breeching the mainstream bby means of animated features. I found that, although highly revered, fine artworks are virtually obsolete and essentially an utterly useless means of communication. Granted I noticed some enormous line ups at te A.G.O. during their grand re-opening over a year ago, however I haven't noticed much activity ( asides from a couple of Rembrandts attached to a tumble weed blowing down Dundas St) since. There are however a large number of consumers staring up at the flickering billboards down on Yonge. see more comics at 


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About heyapathy

HEY APATHY! is an ongoing artistic investigation into the monstrous metropolis, the people, and the mechanics of being. Alternative Comics, surreal ink drawings, strange stories, street painting, murals and animation. Mike Parsons live in Toronto and draws lots of pictures.
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