MONSTER COMICS metropolitan dreamscape

HEY APATHY! Alternative Monster Comics! The city is a giant gear propelled by all the strange people spiralling through it. As the machine gradually expands concrete roadways perpetually jut outwards sending mechanical cells to a from distance lands. Fuelled by an oozing life force dwelling deep beneath the castles, the urbanites feed off the extraction of natures blood. Using impressively imaginative equipment they have tapped the earth's thriving fluid and manipulated it for their own gain. Despite the marvellous wealth and endless empowerment of the fluid it is known to expel fatal toxins if improperly handled. And of course as is the human way, such irresponsible mishaps have most certainly occurred. Whilst sucking the fluid from mother natures breast the magnificent mechanics used for the process malfunctioned and exploded releasing the dangerous blood throughout he waters and lands. It destroyed nature and wild life as well as disable sector of the economy simultaneous with the impending yet slow reaching threat of continuous doom. Fortunately those of us in Gear-Castle City have been little affected by the crisis off shore. Our cars are still running and our pigeons unharmed an those of us learned know the disaster can be easily remedied once the fiscal implications have sorted themselves out profitably so as that a little nature is but a sacrifice in the name of the machine. more at

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About heyapathy

HEY APATHY! is an ongoing artistic investigation into the monstrous metropolis, the people, and the mechanics of being. Alternative Comics, surreal ink drawings, strange stories, street painting, murals and animation. Mike Parsons live in Toronto and draws lots of pictures.
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