HEY APATHY! MONSTER COMICS! A caped hero can be seen in all his majesty publicizing products on the huge flickering screen. His triumphant battles against villainy have made him popular with the masses resulting in the inevitable consumerist onslaught. T-shirts, band aids, cola , sneakers, and candy all bare the likeness of the popular hero. Beneath the large screen a less noticeable figure floats restlessly in a cape beaten and worn. The hero himself has suffered valiantly in his crusade to save man. With each victories battle, and new product, the man has deplenished leaving a tattered and malformed skeletal being in his place.  

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About heyapathy

HEY APATHY! is an ongoing artistic investigation into the monstrous metropolis, the people, and the mechanics of being. Alternative Comics, surreal ink drawings, strange stories, street painting, murals and animation. Mike Parsons live in Toronto and draws lots of pictures.
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