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Pen an d ink drawing of the weirdest, most diabolical, strange and misunderstood of all creatures, mankind!!! Continue reading

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SURREAL COMICS magazine talisman

I’ve been pulling some all nighters working on the website over the past week or so. I am at my wits end but continue to travel onwards despite my unbelievably limited knowledge of the technology. I spent 3 years perfecting … Continue reading

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SURREAL COMICS Weekly Webcomic

The Amorphous Globular Macroverse is slowly invading the mass conciousness enveloping the world as we know it in exchange for one slightly more horrific. Surreal Comics is a weekly webcomic about all things weird, strange, unusual and abnormally mundane. Continue reading

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New edit of the experimental score folley created for the HEY APATHY! animation reel. Live projections and strange sounds for Nuit Blanche 2010. Continue reading

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New page of HEY APATHY! Surreal comics Weekly! A strange story of oneiric nightmares, unusual adventures, and things that don’t make sense in the night. Continue reading

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Alternative Comics

Still not feeling to well after a week long flu, but sat in the park healing, reading nasty stories and drawing pictures of fish people. more at HEY APATHY Alternative comics

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Started experimenting with the synthesizer and computer programs to work out the music for the upcoming HEY APATHY! animation ( funded by the O.A.C.). Continue reading

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